Welcome to Natangal.com.

Victor Cora Nazario and Israel Nieves, childhood friends from Puerto Rico and now musicians living in the Washington, DC area, founded Natangal. Our vision is to form a community of musicians who share their passions and love of creating and playing music – raw, uncut, and unplugged. Natangal is a Tagalog word meaning “detached” and it represents to us – originality, creativity and freedom to express ourselves without conformity or distortion. Nantagal encourages our community of artists, whether poets, dancers or musicians to showcase their talents authentically by performing “unplugged”.

Our mission is to promote and enhance the arts of poetry, dance and song by fostering originality and improving the lives of individual artists and the community.


If you are interested in performing at one of our Artistic Showcases contact us HERE!,
We will be more than happy to arrange a meeting with you and talk about the information of our Showcase.

Isra & Victor
Natangal, Founders

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